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9 Mindful tools

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Life doesn't happen to you, it happens for you. You are reading this for a reason. Now is the time to take charge of your life an be proud of the path you're walking.

The Universe has your back.



Pick an Oracle card from the deck to receive Universal guidance and connect with your inner Higher Wisdom.

Mood tracker

How are you feeling today? Keep track of your mood every day for a better understanding of your cycles and to increase your self-awareness.


Clear your mind writing your thoughts in your private handwritten Journal and plan your week ahead in the Bullet Journal style Daily Planner.


Balance your Elements with 5 different Pranayama Guided Meditations. Perfect if you find too hard to meditate.


Joy offers you a daily empowering quote to reflect on and raise your positivity.


Set your short and long-term goals and get closer to your Life Purpose. Make Personal Development your priority.


A Mindful Reminder on your phone to remind you to be rooted in the present moment - Feel the ground beneath you, the sky above you and the heart within.


Begin your day with high vibrations practicing a simple Gratitude exercise, and release what no longer serves you with a Letting Go Fire Ritual.


Feel and balance the subtle energies of your body with the Chakra Healing practice and unblock your full potential.

Our reality is ruled by a single element: Love, and the lack of it: Fear. When you were born, there was only space for Love in your heart, but influenced by the world around you, as you grow up, you leave some free space and Fear arrives. Fear drives you to make decisions that don’t align with your true self, and little by little you move away from the path that the Universe designed for you.

After a while, you can’t even identify that path. You commit your life to survive and imagine happiness in a distant and non-existent future. You forget to value the most important thing: you are free, and you are alive, here and now, in this miraculous perfect moment.

It is always a good time to let Love win the battle against Fear and see the world with the eyes and the heart of a child again. In the past, you have made some mistakes, but each and every one of them has brought you here. Everything happens for a reason. You are ready to heal.

Trust the process.



This was exactly what I was looking for. It feels as though it was made for me. It gives me a space to focus my energy on the positives of my day, to self reflect, it provides a good platform for me to just practise self love. I feel revitalised on it.

- Amar U.K.


Joy is your mate and guide on this journey. This cute little fox represents the infinite wisdom and unconditional love in all its manifestations. He inspires you, teaches you, and activates your intuition for a meaningful experience. He is always with you because he is the best part of you. ✧



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