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(I mean, you have survived three or four mercury retrogrades per year since you were born, so no worries). You may have read about this event a thousand times before now that astrology is so instagramable. But people love drama, so let's remove the tragedy from the equation for a moment.

Inner Smile Meditation

First of all, you should know that Mercury is the planet that rules COMMUNICATION. This means: thinking processes, expression, listening, ideas, technological systems... In summary, this planet influences the way we relate the mental plain with the earthy practical plain.

✷ What happens when Mercury is Retrograde?

From the point of view of Astronomy, the planet moves in the opposite direction, as observed from the Earth. From the point of view of Astrology, when Mercury goes Retrograde, is a time of REthinking, RE-evaluating, REvisiting.

✷ How is it going to make me feel?

I won't lie to you, at least for me, it feels confusing. I experience brain fog, and I find troubles when I try to express or create. I am less productive, and I have mood swings. As my mind doesn't work "properly", I tend to overthink everything and constantly ask myself "What's happening to me? When I would be tomorrow? Why yesterday felt different?". Although It may feel completely different for you.

✷ How can I take advantage of this?

The purpose of this RE-time is to wipe out those things that are creating a reality that isn't allowing you to be aligned with your best self. It's closing unfinished projects or relationship that are holding you down. It's making space for good things to come into your life. This means that if during this time, you tend to fight more with someone, maybe there is a better way to communicate with that person. If your computer keeps freezing, maybe there you should reconnect with reality and relax for a moment. So anytime you face an obstacle, know that it's an opportunity from Mercury to build better foundations for your ultimate happiness. Whenever you feel overwhelmed by turmoil, repeat this mantra: I am letting go what no longer serves me, I am inviting good things to come.


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